Accurate temperature in the processing of animal hides is crucial to ensure that a maximum yield and high quality of leather is produced. 

Tanneries involved in the “wet blue” stage of processing where the hide is converted from its raw state into a stable material require a high volume of water at critical working temperatures. Many established plants have used Huni Aquamix™ systems to control the batching of the water into the drums as well as the temperature of the water. 

The Aquamix system uses either Fisher YS valves, or more recent systems utilize dual controlled butterfly valves to achieve mixing of the tempered water. 

If the temperature of the water is not accurate, the hides do not clean up properly. If the temperature is too high they may scald the skin, causing shrinkage. If the temperature is too low, they can fail to preserve the skin. 

Processors experience "mixing time". This is the time delay experienced when an operator requests temperature for process to when the temperature is achieved at the mixing valve. This delay creates unnecessary re-circulation time, water wastage and production delays. 

Processors experience "call time". This is the time taken to fill the drum with the required in specification tempered water. 

Excessive water-recirculation increases demand on hot water supply and hot water storage systems. This is the result of "warm" water returning to the hot water boiler source.   

Processors experience water temperature fluctuation as a result in unstable pressures. These fluctuations cause variation from process set-points and directly promote wastage in heating resources. 

The Emech™ 3” F4 and 4” F8 valve series offer a high flow mixing valve solution that has a fast-action response and ‘swirl-mix' feature. This allows the required set-point or “mixing time” to be achieved very quickly and ensure a fast-fill to the drum. 

The Emech™ system provides production and maintenance advantages over traditional technology. A typical three valve blending system is replaced with a one valve Emech™ system as it can accurately mix irrespective of pressure fluctuations, reducing capital costs, ongoing maintenance and spare part requirements. The payback on investment is extremely fast.